Metal Guide

What is Yellow gold?

Perfect for wedding and engagement rings, Gold recognised for its emotional and financial appeal has been the traditional choice of metal. This luxurious warm yellow metal is durable particularly in 9 or 18ct, whilst its softness allows for the metal to be crafted into almost any design.

What is White gold?

This bright white shine acquires its allure from a mix of Yellow Gold, Nickel, and mainly Palladium before it is finished with a plating of Rhodium, giving its jewellery an extremely refined finish. Though the gold is durable, the Rhodium plating can wear off and so will need to be re-plated every few years. Some white gold however not all, can also contain higher levels of Nickel and may not be suitable for those with sensitive skins.

What is Rose Gold?

This attractive, trend setting rosy red tint gains its charms from the addition of copper to its gold metal content, and unlike white gold is less likely to cause skin irritations from the absence of nickel. Rose gold ranks high on purity levels and low on reactivity making it relatively a low-maintenance metal that does not tarnish.

What is Platinum?

An increasingly popular metal for wedding rings and diamond engagement rings, this opulent and highly desirable white metal offers a higher density and weight than gold and does not require rhodium plating like white gold does.  Platinum is naturally hypoallergenic and so will not irritate those with sensitive skin.

Platinum is perfect for our male Muslim community members not looking to wear ‘Gold’.

What is Palladium?

Palladium originates from the same family as Platinum and similarly holds a bright, true white lustre which does not require rhodium plating. Though considered to be softer than platinum, this high-density metal is still durable and can be crafted into lighter weight, finer pieces of everyday jewellery as well as having the ability to hold heavier stones.  Palladium is also hypoallergenic and extremely scratch-resistant making it much less susceptible to tarnish.

Palladium again is perfect for our male Muslim community who wish not to wear Gold and often is cheaper to buy than its counterpart Platinum.