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Friends Jewellers are pleased to help you with your bullion investment. We hold a large inventory of Bullion and Coins, including beautiful Gold Coins, Fine Gold Bars, new and branded Gold Sovereigns, Half Sovereigns and Krugerrands; Silver Coins, Silver Britannia Coins, Silver Bars, Silver Maples and much more. Please call us on 0121 558 8118 for live prices.

Why buy Gold Bullion?

As economies remain volatile and unstable investors are always looking for ways to nurture and shield their money from risk. Gold, a highly valuable luxury commodity has always been seen as a reliable security asset, continually holding a value particularly during an economic crisis, so whether in jewellery or bullion form, gold buying has at all times carried a place within investment portfolios.

This internationally recognised commodity has seen a 500% increase in growth over the last 20 years, peaking at times of economic uncertainty and a great hedge against inflation and a declining stock market. Gold, apart from its uses in jewellery or bullion form, is now being used in modern technology increasing global levels of demand.

Gold bullion is VAT exempted, saving you 20% over other gold investments.

Why buy Silver Bullion?

Silver just like gold is a physical tangible asset, though cheaper to buy, it carries no counterparty risks as do stocks and shares and can also be used hedge against all forms of cybercrime and economic crisis. As demand increases globally within culturally affiliated markets for this precious metal and within industries, silver is always in high demand. Though a very small market, in times of volatility bullish markets can cause silver to soar faster and further than gold making it an affordable investment.

Fine Gold Bars

Best Value Gold Bars

Best Value Gold Bars available from
50g to 1kg (vat free)

Umicore Gold Bars

Umicore Gold Bars available from
50g to 1kg (vat free)

Metalor Gold Bars

Metalor Gold Bars available from
50g to 1kg (vat free)

Gold Coins

Gold Sovereign Half

  • MANUFACTURER: Royal Mint
  • WEIGHT: 3.9800 Gms.
  • FINENESS: 916.99
  • DIMENSIONS: 19.3mm

Gold Sovereign Full

  • MANUFACTURER: Royal Mint
  • WEIGHT: 7.9800 Gms.
  • FINENESS: 916.99
  • DIMENSIONS: 22.05mm Diameter

Krugerrand Coin

  • MANUFACTURER: Rand Refinery
  • PRODUCT CODE: KrugCoin - Special Offer
  • WEIGHT: 33.9000 Gms.
  • FINENESS: 916.7
  • DIMENSIONS: 32.77mm Diameter x 2.84mm Thick

Gold Canadian Maple

  • MANUFACTURER: Canadian Mint
  • WEIGHT: 31.1000 Gms.
  • FINENESS: 999.9
  • DIMENSIONS: 30mm Diameter x 3mm Thick

Gold Britannia Coin

  • MANUFACTURER: Royal Mint
  • PRODUCT CODE: Britannia Coin
  • WEIGHT: 31.2100 Gms.
  • FINENESS: 999.9
  • DIMENSIONS: 32.69

Fine Silver Bars

Johnson Matthay Silver Bar

Johnson Matthay Silver Bar
1oz Silver Bar 31.1035g

Umicore Silver Bar

Umicore Silver Bars
available from 100g to 1kg

Metalor Silver Bar

Metalor Silver Bars
available from 100g to 1kg

Fine Silver Coins

1 Ounce Silver Britannia

  • MANUFACTURER: Britannia
  • WEIGHT: 31.1035 Gms.
  • FINENESS: 999
  • DIMENSIONS: 38.61mm Diameter

1 Ounce American Eagle

  • MANUFACTURER: United States Mint
  • PRODUCT CODE: 1ozsilvercoin
  • WEIGHT: 31.1035 Gms.
  • FINENESS: 999.0
  • DIMENSIONS: 40.6mm Diameter x 2.98mm Thick

1 Ounce Silver Canadian Maple

  • MANUFACTURER: Canadian Mint
  • PRODUCT CODE: 1ozSilverMaple
  • WEIGHT: 31.1600 Gms.
  • FINENESS: 999.9
  • DIMENSIONS: 38mm Diameter x 3.29mm Thick

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